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Cross Ledge Lighthouse

Delaware Bay, NJ


Located off of Fortescue, NJ, Cross Ledge was completed  and lit for the first time in 1875.  The 1901 "Light List" described Cross Ledge as a two story white wood-framed dwelling with green shutters, grey trim and a black lantern, situated on top of an octagonal granite base.  Due to the erection of the new Elbow of Cross Ledge Light nearby, the old Ledge Light was discontinued around 1907.  During WWII, military planes used it for target practice by dropping flour sack markers onto it!  Much controversy surrounds the last stages and final demise of the badly deteriorated Cross Ledge Lighthouse.  Finally, in 1962, the US Coast Guard burned it down to the granite base - which is all that remains today - a sad ending for a once beautiful lighthouse!


Referenced from "Guiding Lights of the Delaware River and Bay" by Jim Gowdy and Kim Ruth

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